December 1, 2015


You love snooker.

You'd like to grow local snooker community.

You like to use your smartphone.


We are a team of 4 creative individuals, developing a mobile app for snooker.

Our mission is to help grow local snooker communities and connect people around the game of snooker.

“Snooker Byb” mobile app

It runs on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

We are developing Snooker Byb for people like you.

We are not getting paid to do this. And we need your help.


You can contribute by becoming a Snooker Byb "Ambassador”

Ambassadors influence the development of Snooker Byb by sharing their experiences using the app with the team.

What ambassadors do:
  • They play snooker regularly (you already do, if you are reading this :) )
  • They use Snooker Byb app to schedule snooker games with friends
  • They occasionally record their notable breaks into the app
  • They sometimes record match scores into the app
  • They share their experiences with the Snooker Byb team – over the email and occasionally over the phone
  • They report bugs
  • They suggest ideas
What is it there for you?
  • We listen. Your input will influence our development efforts. We will make you a product that you want.
  • The app is free today, but at a later time we will have to introduce paid functions to cover our costs. You and your friends will use the product for free.
  • We will list your name as one of the ambassadors on our web site (if you’d like)
  • A lot of people are missing out on snooker because they don’t know where to play and they don’t know enough snooker players in their area. Many people are looking for new opponents and don’t know how to find them. If you are interested, we can help you set up a proper social web presence for your local community, around Snooker Byb, which will help address these issues. We know it will lead to the growth of your snooker community. However, we first need you to become an ambassador!
What's the catch?
  • There is none.
  • We will accept 100 ambassadors and we will not charge them a dime. Not now. Not in the future.

How to join?

Please fill up a 10-question survey here:

Start the survey

Make sure to leave your contact info at the end.

You can also always contact us at

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